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An electronic kitchen scale that has a maximal capacity of 5kg and the accuracy of 1 g. It is incredibly useful when one prepares a dish that require very strictly defined proportions of the products. It allows to precisely define the quantity of even really small items. It also answers the needs of those people who wish to verify the magnitude of their meals, for example because of health issues. Thanks to its small size the kitchen scale is easy to store and to be moved from one place to another. It has an option to choose to turn it off automatically or manually and is equipped with a very legible screen.The scale has a database of 999 alimentary products thanks to which it allows to count the nutritive values and number of calories in the products that are being weighted. This option is a very comfortable solution for those who, up to now, spent a lot of time to arduously check those values in the tables.Evaluates 7 crucial nutritive parameters: calories, sodium, carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, fat and cholesterol of weighted food or ingredientsCapacity 5 kgAccuracy 1 gDatabase of 999 various foodstuffsCan save and recall up to 99 records of nutritive values5 mm tempered safety glass platformLarge, bright, 32 mm of height LCDAuto / manual switch offAuto tareOverload indicatorElectronic timer with alarmTemperature sensorLow battery indicatorOperates on 1 x 9V alkaline battery

'EkranasDidelis, šviesus 32 mm aukščio LCD
'Galingumas1 x 9V alkaline dry battery
'Svoris0.7 kg
'Talpa5 kg, 1 gramo tikslumu
'TipasVirtuvinės svarstyklės

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