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Multibrackets unique solution for ultra thin TVs.

The M Universal Wallmount and the M Universal Wallmount Super Slim are patented by Multibrackets.

M Universal Wallmount Super Slim is designed to perfectly fit the the new ultra thin flat panel TV launched by many makers during 2009.

M Universal Wallmount Super Slim is about 12mm thin, which is world leading. M Universal Wallmount Super Slim uses only the very highest quality of aluminium available on the market. This makes the wall mount construction superstrong and makes it withhold many times the weight of the LCD and plasmas they aim for.

Available in two colours - silver and black and also in three sizes - small, medium and large, the universal is truly what it says. Recommended screen sizes are 26" and up to 63".

M Universal Wallmount Super Slim main features:

- Super Slim profile, only 9mm.
- Patented Multibrackets "slide in installation" for ultra fast installation.
- Bubble level.
- All aluminium bracket for superstrong construction.
- Special extra wheels to make normal standard LCDs work as well (included).
- Exclusive gift box solution to complement the exclusive thin LCDs.

'10-pack gift box size:630x510x110
'Article No:7 350 022 732 872
'For screen size:26-32"
'Max load:55 kg
'PVC package size:570x90x50
'Size with the mount wheel 2*:500x75x31 mm (W*H*D)
'Size with the mount wheel:500x75x12 mm (W*H*D)
'Size without the mount wheel:500x75x9 mm (W*H*D)
'Universal:Max holepattern 450mm wide and 2000 mm high
'VESA standard:200x100 200x200 300x300 or 400x400 mm
'Warranty:5 years
'Weight (1 pcs):1,8 kg
'Weight (3 gift boxes in a distribution package):29,5 kg
'Weight (5 pcs in a gift box):9,5 kg

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