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Bring out your message with ease. The M Universal Digital Signage Wallmount is a powerful product for your in-store communication.

Implement a powerful message and refresh it in seconds in landscape or portrait position any time without tools being involved.

If your need is to bring high attention to your presentations and streaming videos the M Universal Digital Signage Wallmount might be what you are looking for.

This heavy duty construction holding 50 kgs is made to keep your screen safe on the wall, supporting 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x400mm, 600x400 VESA standards.

In many digital signage installations the need to rotate the screen depending on the message presented is sometimes needed. This M Universal Digital Signage Wallmount handles with ease. With quick and effortless ability to manipulate content in real-time to influence audience behavior and being able to turn the mounted screen in landscape or portrait depending on time and message makes this wallmount able to take your communication one step further.

Our M Universal Digital Signage Wallmount is designed to create a powerful impact.

'Article No:7 350 022 737 136
'For screen size:32-70"
'Max load:50 kg
'Rotate / Tilt:Yes, 360 degrees / Non-tiltable
'Universal:Max holepatter 600 mm wide and 405 mm high
'VESA standard:200x200 300x200 300x300 400x200 400x400 600x400 mm
'Warranty:5 years
'Weight:4,6 kg

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