Radio bangomis valdomas E-Rix 500 ARF Motor,Regler u.Servos

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Radio bangomis valdomas E-Rix 500 ARF Motor,Regler u.Servos
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E-Rix 500
Ord. No. 03 1552 ARF

If you are looking for a helicopter which is bigger and more powerful than most machines on the market today then the E-Rix 500 is the one for you. This helicopter is the perfect combination of precision and power and we have not only fitted servos to the swash plate and tail rotor, but included a 2.4 GHz 6 channel radio system as well. The model is test flown and set-up in the factory so that all you have to do is switch on and go. This is a great model to grow with, from learning to hover up to 3D.

The model comes pre-built and set up as follows:
Servos 4 x Digital 24 g Ord. No. 03 1795
Controller Xtronic 70 A Ord. No. 08 1970
Motor 1600 rpm/Volt Ord. No. 03 1766
Rotor blades GFK 440 mm Ord. No. 03 1797

Box contents:
- Aluminium Chassis
- Plastic main and tail rotor heads
- Carbon main blades
- Aluminium Tail Boom
- GRP Canopy
- Fitting kit
- Instructions

Technical data:
Rotor ? approx. 960 mm
Height: aprox. 320 mm
Length approx. 850 mm
Weight approx. 1750 g
Transmitter 6 channel
Motor: Brushless

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