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Handy and user-friendly hair clipper. It has an ergonomic shape that is adjusted do a hand. Thanks to its shape perfect haircut is not only possible but also easier than ever. It provides 25 different cut lengths (from 0.8 to 14 mm). It is possible due to an adjustment ring for precise clipping length control which can be set at 0.8-1.1-1.4-1.7-2mm. Additional caps allow cut length at 3, 6, 9 or even 12 mm from a skin. The precision is obtained due to its ceramic blades and a high quality titanium head. It can be mains-operated as well as battery-operated. It is equipped with a built-in NiMH battery. NIMH battery has no „memory effect" and the battery overcharging protection system prevents it from over-charging and over-heating. Incorrect information on the color box: there are no scissors included in the set High quality titanium head and ceramic blades Adjustment ring for precise clipping lenght control: 0,8mm, 1,1mm, 1,4mm, 1,7mm, 2mm Easy on&off clipper head and ergonomic design Long life battery system with overcharging protection. High quality NiMH battery without "memory effect" Haircut during charging process 4 combs (3, 6, 9, 12 mm) with 5positions adjustment ring for 25 different cut lenghts

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