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A very practical food dehydrator rated at 300W. It is suitable for dehydrating mushrooms, vegetables, fruits as well as herbs. Due to the dehydrating process these products are easy to preserve. The food dehydrator works really silently and does not disturb everyday life with its noise. Large trays allow to place numerous minor products on them. At the same time, the fact that the trays can be placed one upon another causes the device to occupy little space. Dehydrating process can be run with diverse intensity, thanks to the smooth temperature control. For safety reasons the food dehydrator is equipped with an over-heating protection system that automatically turns the device off when there is such a need.Fast and easy way to dry:MushroomsVegetablesFruitHerbs5 large traysSmooth temperature control regulationSilent workBuilt-in fanOverheating protectionPower: 300 W

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