Camry 110
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A functional juice extractor that has 1000 W of power created as one of the items in the modern series of juice extractors. It allows to prepare juice from both fruits and vegetables supporting a healthy diet. The juice is filtered through a sieve with small meshes which keeps the solid parts of the fruit/vegetable away from the juice. The sieve is made of stainless steel. Therefore to the jug goes only juice which contains a huge amount of vitamins. Pulp, stones, seeds and other remains are separated from juice and go to another tank. Due to a safety lock it is impossible to turn the device on when it is assembled in an improper way. Power 1000W Made of highest quality stainless steel Extra large feeding tube for whole fruits and vegetables (75mm) Super fast juice extracting from whole apples, carrots, etc.. 30% more juice and vitamins Stainless steel mesh strainer for smooth juice Anti-drip system for easy juice draining Juice pitcher included (1L) High-capacity pulp collector (2L) High power motor 3 steps switch Safety blockade Stable, slip resistant base suckers Fast and easy cleaning, dishwasher safe Cleaning brush included High durability

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