Adler 6010
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High-quality electric oven with a grill rack and a baking tray. It allows to prepare roasted meat, bake cakes and prepare other dishes that require high temperatures. The oven allows you to choose the heating mode: from the bottom, from the top or at the same time from the bottom and from the top. Heating elements were made of a resistant stainless steel what makes them durable and reliable. Thanks to a timer the user is informed when a certain time passes. Therefore it is much less probable that you would burn your dish.The electric oven AD 6010 has a grand capacity of 45l that allows to prepare big portions of food or to prepare two different products at the same time.Capactity 45LPower 2000WTemperature adjustment 100 – 230oCStainless steel heating elements3 heating modes:heated bottomheated topheated both top and bottomTimer up to 60 minRotisserie and convection functions switched on independentlyPower light indicatorAuto shut off with bell ring at the end of the baking processAccessories:grill rackbaking trayrotisserietong

'Laikmatis min60
'Max. Galia W2000
'Talpa l45

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